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Commercial underwriting has long been a critical, yet challenging process for businesses. When it comes to comparing the outdated, slow, and expensive methods of commercial underwriting with U-Rite's cutting-edge on-demand service, it is easy to see how you win.

Trust Your

U-Rite eliminates human-error and the "blackbox" that comes with existing software. Reliable and accurate data analysis is everything.


Think of us as an extension to your team. Our software and dedicated deal team handle the heavy-lifting analysis, giving you the competitive edge.

Power of the Cloud +
Convenience of Excel

Perform powerful CRE analysis, including property cash flow, debt analysis, and detailed expense recoveries, in a tool you know and trust. Say goodbye to cumbersome software.

Underwrite Directly in Excel

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Our Process


Schedule a kick-off meeting with us, where we dive deep into your current process, underwriting challenges, and future deal pipeline. If you have a live opportunity, we want to hear about it! We want to know everything we can about your business.


After understanding your unique situation, we get right to work. Whether it's analyzing a live deal, revamping an in-house model, or preparing for a broker pitch, we have you covered. By the way, we're asset class and investment strategy agnostic, and we do it all.


Once we've completed the analysis, we hand over the results to you and meet to discuss any feedback. Our process is fluid, and we’re fast. Trust us to help you make informed decisions and drive success for your business.

What our clients say about us...

We owe our remarkable underwriting growth to the invaluable software and capabilities provided by U-Rite. Without them, our small team wouldn't have reached such extraordinary heights.
Brian Ker
President, CEO
Snowball Developments
We didn't just need a software provider, we were in search of a true partner who could offer valuable guidance and unwavering support. That's what made U-Rite stand out from the other alternatives we explored.
Maitland Stewart
Greenhouse Equity Fund
U-Rite's speed, efficiency, and dynamic modeling approach are game-changers. They prevent costly mistakes and deliver accurate models in a changing environment. It accelerates my financial model-building process by at least five times.
Matthew Myers
Switchgrass Capital

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