A screenshot of U-Rite's inputs worksheet.

Finally, an Argus Alternative.
100% in Excel.

Introducing U-Rite, the revolutionary Argus-Alternative and cloud-based engine that fully integrates with Microsoft Excel.

Powered by Microsoft Azure®, U-Rite purposely integrates with Excel, because that’s how CRE professionals work. 

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Say Goodbye
to Tedious Workflows

Ditch the constant back-and-forth between Argus and Excel.

Perform powerful calculations, including detailed expense recoveries and speculative lease projections, in a tool you know and trust.

Best of
Both Worlds

We celebrate the best of both worlds. Excel for it’s high-performance and modeling flexibility, and Argus for its detailed tenant and cash flow projections.

How U-Rite Benefits
CRE professionals


Avoids Dreaded
Back and Forth

U-Rite avoids the back-and-forth, import and export, and copy and paste between multiple platforms. With U-Rite, your cash flow lives within Excel.



Simplified and user-friendly interface, without the superfluous inputs that clutter your model. We're built by real-estate professionals, we know what's important for your model.


No More
Black Box

All assumptions and supporting calculations are populated automatically, making auditing models simple. Clearly see the calculations that your cash flow is derived from.


One Simple
Monthly Payment

It’s a cost-effective solution that avoids the hefty upfront installation and annual maintenance costs.


Version Control

One file to create and share with team members and investors. No more headaches ensuring different files are in sync.


Integrates with
In-House Models

Link inputs and outputs from your in-house model directly to U-Rite's worksheets to automate your workflow.

Get Started

It's time for a new underwriting CRE solution.

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