Underwrite in Excel,
Manage on the Web

Intuitive to Use & Audit

Our software uses a clean and organized Excel template which makes it easy to create and audit information. With U-Rite, quickly identify deal risks with a clear breakdown of all supporting calculations.

Full calculation transparency. No more black box.

U-Rite Software
Build model in Excel with company assumptions
Run U-Rite directly in Excel

Generate Your
Cash Flow Locally

Modify any assumption directly in your model. Simply click Run in the U-Rite Ribbon, and your assumptions automatically calculate in our proprietary cloud. The results reappear dynamically back in Excel, in seconds.

Seriously, it's that easy.

Link to Your
In-House Model

Use Excel like you already know how to. Link U-Rite inputs directly to any existing model and avoid the back-and-forth with external underwriting platforms.

Manage everything in one file, in Excel.

Calm, Cool, & Collaborative

Effortlessly monitor your team's underwriting process across multiple properties and scenarios. With integrated version control, you can share, review, and comment on models with ease.

Never lose a version of a model again.

U-Rite Software

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Spend less time modelling and more time creating value.

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Required Platforms Three
Needs Argus + Outlook
Needs Excel + Outlook
Integrates with Excel
Modeling Flexibility Cannot forecast detailed lease cash flows Too rigid and cannot complete complex analysis Comprehensive and robust
Time to Underwrite Depends on user Long and tedious Dynamic and up to 70% faster than Argus
User Experience Depends on user Cumbersome and clunky Intuitive interface and features
Branding Partially unique, users combine proprietary Excel with Argus Generic, every model looks the same Unique, users can use in-house models as marketing tool
Built-In Collaboration No No Yes