Snowball Developments

We owe our remarkable underwriting growth to the invaluable software and capabilities provided by U-Rite. Without them, our small team wouldn't have reached such extraordinary heights.
Brian Ker
President, CEO
Snowball Developments



  • Real estate firm: Snowball Developments, based in the Greater NYC area.
  • Specialized in acquiring under-utilized & under-invested properties.


  • Predicting accurate future cash flows.
  • Heavy dependence on outdated and cumbersome current software.
  • Initial reliance on Excel leading to modeling errors.


Snowball Developments, led by Brian Ker and backed by extensive institutional real estate experience, was created with a mission to acquire under-utilized and under-invested properties in the Greater NYC urbanized region. Snowball’s goal is to identify properties with the potential for future development, enhance the built environment, and deliver sustainable returns. With a focus on partnerships, thorough diligence, and leveraging technology, we embrace a modernized investment approach.

The software's intuitive design surpasses modeling experience, enabling anyone, even those who haven't modeled in years, to effortlessly understand it.
2 Great Pasture Road, Danbury (Fairfield County) Connecticut


Accurately predicting cash flows is crucial for investors like Snowball Developments, but they quickly encountered challenges along the way. In the face of remarkable rent growth and the ever-evolving landscape of industrial real estate, tackling the challenge of precision underwriting, defying conventional models, and crafting compelling deals that captivate investors. Snowball Developments initially relied on Excel templates, which resulted in modeling errors. Attempts to use other industry-standard software proved cumbersome, slow, and expensive.

U-Rite's modeling software has proven to be user-friendly and flexible, allowing even individuals without extensive modeling experience to navigate it with ease.

In order to progress, Snowball Developments actively sought out alternatives that were both fast and user-friendly, allowing them to underwrite numerous deals and identify pricing opportunities. Snowball emphasized that their growth would not have been possible without technology and a modeling software that aligned with their ambitions. Upon discovering U-Rite, they found it to be an intuitive and accessible solution, even for non-modelers. Its effectiveness in understanding and manipulating data played a crucial role in their success, enabling them to make a significant impact in the entrepreneurial real estate market.

How U-Rite Solved Those Challenges

"U-Rite has been an incredible asset, especially when navigating the complexities of multi-tenant buildings and unpredictable rent growth. It has enabled us to approach our underwriting process with precision, crafting a compelling story that inspires and engages both ourselves and our valued stakeholders" said the CEO of Snowball Developments. U-Rite has become an essential tool for Snowball Developments in bridging the gap between current rents and future market rents, ensuring precise underwriting and instilling confidence in evaluations.

We owe our remarkable underwriting growth to the invaluable software and capabilities provided by U-Rite. Without them, our small team wouldn't have reached such extraordinary heights.

169 Callender Road, Watertown (Litchfield County) Connecticut

1. Accurate Future Cash Flow Prediction - With U-Rite, we could accurately predict future cash flows, crucial for making informed investment decisions. By avoiding the expenses and dependency associated with traditional software, we built our own models and leveraged U-Rite's user-friendly interface.

2. Enhanced Underwriting Capabilities - U-Rite empowered us to underwrite deals efficiently, identifying pricing anomalies and seizing profitable opportunities. Its speed and user-friendly nature enabled us to analyze exceptional rent growth and market trends in various regions.

3. Adaptability and Collaboration - U-Rite's adaptability allowed us to seamlessly import other models and enhance our underwriting process. Sharing models across different platforms and collaborating with other organizations provided a competitive advantage, driving growth and success.


"The remarkable ability to effortlessly integrate an ARGUS model and instantly leverage its underwriting input is a transformative advantage that ignites our drive, unlocking boundless possibilities and propelling us to extraordinary heights of success” stated CEO of Snowball Developments. Snowball's discovery of the ability to seamlessly share models across diverse platforms cultivates a collaborative environment, facilitating the exchange of information and empowering organizations to thrive together.

U-Rite possess all the essential elements for cultivating a profoundly collaborative approach that surpasses traditional incumbency, paving the way for remarkable achievements and transformative progress

As Snowball Developments expresses, the adaptability and collaborative approach of this solution foster an enriched user experience, providing a competitive advantage that promotes growth, facilitates swift decision-making with partners, and ultimately propels Snowball's journey forward.

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